People ask do you deliver? Yes we do. It’s all via whatsapp or BBM i know we’re using an Emarati number for our service but this is a totally Kuwaiti business that operates and delivers in Kuwait.

How can we order? whats the process?? First of all its all about the availability if the ice cream is available we will be more than happy to serve you. For delivery we don’t accept less than 5 containers (1 cup) orders anything less will be available for pick up only. And yes i deliver myself we don’t use delivery service to make sure we control the quality of the ice cream

What if you’re out of ice cream but we’re still craving zwaiz ice cream? We do big quantity exceptional orders and by big we’re talking 20 and more

can you write down the number cause we don’t feel like going to your instagram account and copy paste? sure i can 😉 and there you go +971569846396