Lea Dahrouge

Our third sponsorship is for a dreamer. We couldn’t specify a sport cause she’s talented and active in many. She signed with Safa WFC and she will play the Cup competition with them. She plays Futsal with the Lebanese National Team and represented Lebanon in many occasions.

In addition to that Lea is extreme sports addict and her dream is to be professional Skydiver. Our goal here is to help sportsmen/sportswomen achieve their dreams and Lea’s profile fits perfectly.

In her own words she wrote “Zwaiz foundation discovered all my dreams and nurtured the passion I have for extreme sports. My ultimate goal/dream is to be a professional skydiver, which is hard to achieve as a lebanese citizen since we don’t have a skydiving center in Lebanon and the current political and economical crisis is limiting our expenses. 
In an effort to help me fulfill my goals and reach my dreams one after the other, the foundation offered me a skydiving sponsorship. For that, I will be playing with soccer team that the company sponsors in Lebanon “Al Safa Club”.”

We will work harder to live this dream with you and see it come true. we can’t wait to put you up in the sky again 😉 . All the best Lea and welcome to zwaiz foundation

Taking it to the next level!

When we first decided to sponsor Safa WFC we promised to help develop this team by putting all our expertise and experience together to build a team that compete on all levels.

After finishing second in group A and qualifying for the final 8 we strengthen our team with two international players, Luna Almasri from Jordan and Alice Kusi from Ghana. Lea Dahrouge and Priscilla Moussallem two local players we signed earlier as well to help us in the Cup as the rules prevent them to play in the League. To all new four signings Welcome to Safa WFC.

Almost half of the season gone with all its ups and downs. We are so ready for the second half of the season. Jenny started her physio sessions and Assile is doing great after her ACL surgery we can’t wait to see you both on the field again.

We would also take the chance to congratulate two wonderful players that have been crowned Champions of WAFF U18 Rasha Yaghi and Layana Safieddine we’re so proud of you and working hard to add at least one local championship to that.