Our captain hit with ACL tear

 Assile Toufaily suffered an ACL tear and will have her surgery earlier next year. She stated “At the end of last season, I had taken the decision to focus on my studies and not sign for any team. Then after many tries, some people convinced me to play for another season or two, to prove my worth. So I decided to sign for Safa hoping for a season better than the last 3 disappointing ones. 
The start of the season was good thanks to the intense pre season I had, and I was convinced day after day that this year will be different. Then the match vs BFA came and I got injured. What was at first diagnosed by two doctors as a simple hit, turned out to be a complete tear of the #acl in my left knee, which obviously ended my season.

A big big thank you goes to my personal #1 physio @elie_metni , my go-to whenever I need anything, who was the first to ask for an MRI. 
I don’t know if I do believe in bad luck, “3en”, or God’s will, but all I know is that it is mentally draining, especially when it comes to wanting to give to the team but being unable to. But I got this, I’ll be stronger.

Recovery starts now, before the surgery with physio sessions with Elie and the team at @aac_clinic.

Injury makes the comeback sweeter??. #SafaWFC

We all will be waiting for your return to Safa WFC as you are a huge and wonderful part of our team and undoubtedly have many more achievements coming your way. But for now, it’s time to rest and focus on your rehab.